Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Port Orange, Florida Offers Green Roof Incentives

Some cities and municipalities always take the lead  in ecological and sustainable matters.

These cities ultimately are the most successful with respect to standard of living and quality of life.

Residents want to live in Urban Core areas that are well planned, are pedestrian friendly, are beautiful and preserve and provide habitat for endemic wildlife.

Port Orange, Florida has adopted incentives for community gardens, green roofs and other low impact development approaches.  Be sure to read Grow Your Own Roof, Port Orange Approves Green Initiatives.

Under the rule, developers and building owners would receive incentive for green roofs through a credit, quid pro quo, of required ground level landscaping.  This encourages higher density and more green in the Urban Core.

Click here for the Code language and reference information.

We applaud the vision this group has for their community future and support their efforts.

Happy Green Roofing,


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