Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Neglected Green Native Plant Roof Survives Longterm

The photos here are of a green roof I had ignored and almost forgotten about.

During the hurricane and cyclone wind speed simulation testing at the University of Florida, I cut out several sections of this green roof thinking it may be used in the process.  I never replaced the sections as several Washingtonia palms grew so rapidly, their fan leaves covered and hid the roof.

Pruning back the palms the other day I cam across the green roof system and plants and was excited to see how, even with total neglect and actual abuse from the palm trees, the native Allium canadense was thriving.

Shown here are the remainders of the mat left on the roof.  The roof system is a gentle slope with a 20 mil waterproofing and root liner over the underlying roof (secured with a low VOC adhesive).  There is no drainage layer - none needed as the soil media is quite permeable.

The sol layer is approximately 15-20mm - not much.  Yet plenty for the Allium canadense.

The weave is geosynthetic material designed to hold the soil in place on a slope.  There are many types of netting available.  I am especially interested in hemp now and am conducting multiple trials with burlap and hemp.

Nature Irrigated, native species green roof surviving neglect!

Allium Canadense, Extensive Nature Irrigated Green Roof
Extensive, Nature Irrigated, Native Species Green Roof

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