Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Mid-Day Green Roof Plant Photos - 2 Types of Allium!

Two types of Allium shown here for today's mid-day Green Roof photos!

First is the two week old green roof on the rabbit hutch, a blend of C3 and C4 plants - check out how tall the Allium sativum has grown!  Integrated greenroof beauty, pest control, flowers and food!

Rabbit Hutch Green Roof - Allium Sativum and C3 groundcover
Next, the following photo are trays and trays of Allium canadense, the native garlic (Nodding garlic) ready for green roof planting.  These plugs are over two years old!  Keeping them in the tray subject only to nature based irrigation - rainfall, dew and humidity - acclimates them to life on the roof.  They take off and grow when placed on the green roof.

Green Roof trays of Allium canadense

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Happy Green Roofing!


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