Thursday, April 14, 2011

Another Interesting Green Roof Factoid

We had a very hot day yesterday and a cold night last night. Yesterday's temperatures of the roof under the asphalt shingles soared near 130F, 55C in the bright Florida sunlight, then dipped into the low 40's F, 4C this morning.

Interestingly, the uninsulated roof decking under the asphalt shingles followed the outside air temperature and quickly fell below the decking under the green roofs. In fact, early this morning there was a 15 degree F difference between the green roofs and the asphalt shingle roof with the asphalt shingle decking being considerably colder than the decking under the green roofs.

The green roofs stored the solar heat yesterday, during the mid-day and slowly released the heat during the night as the outside air temperatures plummeted.

The more data collected the more we see just how green roofs moderate temperature swings.

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