Monday, April 25, 2011

Biodiversity and Florida Green Roofs, Urban Core Wildlife

I have always seen wildlife come in droves once green is restored to the Urban Core.  Before our present-day horizontal green (lawns in a concrete jungle) the lands were covered in towering trees and lush vegetation, wildlife flourished and stormwater was treated naturally.  As plants and trees were cut and paved over wildlife disappeared.
As I mentioned, I have always seen wildlife return to the site quickly once roofs and walls were planted.

Breaking Ground Roof supports Biodiversity
Friday was Earth Day 2011 and Mary, Catherine and I planted a Grancy Grey Beard as the first green roof plant on the Breaking Ground Contracting Green Roof.

IT room HVAC Condensate to be used for irrigation

As Mary and Catherine were leaving, walking down the observation platform to the stairs, Mary pointed out an avian visitor.

Grancy Grey Beard on Breaking Ground Green Roof
This week will bring about the installation of many food and native plants on the roof.  We invite the wildlife to a big biodiversity party in the Urban Core of Jacksonville.

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Adam Waterford said...

It's neat to have one of those green roofing! It acts like a natural cooling system for your house, since the plants, along with its irrigation, are catching all that UV rays to turn into chlorophyll. It helps in reducing all those urban air pollution as well.