Friday, April 29, 2011

Florida Green Roof Photos, MetroVerde, Jacksonville

Shown here are a few photos of the various field trial green roofs at MetroVerde and a few from a LEED Platinum project we are installing now.  As April leaves and May approaches we reflect back on and extremely dry, desiccating spring.  During this climatic condition we were pleasantly surprised to see the more cost-effective economy green roofs out-preform the more expensive built in place and tray systems.  

Florida Green Roof, Cow Peas, Mustards gone to seeds, Allium and Portulaca

Florida Extensive (25mm soil media) Economy Green Roof with Food Plants

Florida Green Roof, Cuban Sweet & Thai Chili Peppers

Florida Green Roof, Rooftop Permaculture, Wild Cherry Tomatoes & Luffa Gourds
Breaking Ground Contracting Green Roof Jacksonville

Breaking Ground Contracting Green Roof Jacksonville


Renetta Aper said...

How are these roofs now? Almost a year has passed... I hope the owners have taken good care of 'em. Green roofs need a lot of maintenance, especially on a very hot summer.

Penelope Dingee said...

Renetta, I don’t think anyone can forsake an environmental treasure like that. Yes, it needs a lot of work, but that is not reason to let go of it. Seeing those shots actually gave me the impression of a jungle up on a roof. I dunno why, but I suddenly imagined a dinosaur rampaging on your rooftop! That’d be cool! :D


Eugene said...

Green roofs don’t just make for a stunning view, but it also helps in many ways. It can be helpful with being energy efficient since the sun isn’t directed inside of the house, but is being absorbed by the plants instead. I agree with the two comments that it needs a lot of maintenance and work, but then, the benefits you can have is worth all the effort.

: Eugene Head