Friday, April 8, 2011

Green Roof Temperature Comparisons to Asphalt Shingles, Florida Green Roofs

Yesterday's data completed the first full set of every two hour temperature readings across the green roof decking and the decking under the asphalt shingles.

We still have a few bugs to work out with the data logger and then how to present the data on the blog, but here is the chart (in degrees F - note Celsius is coming soon) for the first full day, April 7 - April 8th.

What is interesting is the magnitude of difference.  The decking under the asphalt shingles heats up much more quickly during the day than the decking under the green roof. The inverse is true at night.  Though at night the decking temperatures become much closer in range, during the day the spread is significant.

Yesterday was partly cloudy with times of full sun.  Outside air temperatures ranged from the upper 50's F for lows to high 70's for the high temperature.

As you can see all three green roofs used for data collection produced the same basic temperature profile curve, though the shed was slightly lower (due to the presence of some shade).

We will be refining the data presentation as time permits.  Be sure to check back to see how these profiles develop over the late spring, summer and then into the fall and winter.


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