Friday, April 22, 2011

Green Roofs Florida, Earth Day Significance - Chionanthus virginicus Planted

Today we celebrate Earth Day here in Jacksonville by planting a Grancy Grey Beard, or Old Man's Beard, Chionanthus virginicus, on the Breaking Ground Contracting living roof.

Chionanthus virginicus ready for planting on the BGC Green Roof today, Earth Day 2011

To me, the tree and the project are very special.  Before moving to Jacksonville we owned a beautiful parcel of land on the Gulf Coast of Florida, one filled with pine flatwoods and cypress swamps.   Chionanthus virginicus grew wild there, along with her evergreen cousin the American olive, Osmanthus americanus, both being members of the Oleaceae family.  The olive is a beautiful evergreen shrub or small tree while the Grancy Grey Beard is deciduous.

In the early spring, along with Carolina jessamine, Chionanthus is one of the first blooms one comes across in Florida's nature and the sight is stunning.  Beautiful white, fringe-like flowers fill the shrub and call to wildlife.
Breaking Ground Green Roof Planting Beds, Solar Panels in the background
Planting a Grancy Grey Beard on the Breaking Ground Contracting's living roof is symbolic of Earth Day's true intent as Breaking Ground's staff are focused on sustainable construction, leading the way for their neighborhood renovation and creating a facility not only serving as an office but as an educational outreach resource for sustainability, to all.

As we celebrate Earth Day in many ways around the world, Green and Living Roofs stand side by side with other sustainability measures, cleaning stormwater, creating wildlife habitat for supporting biodiversity, sequestering carbon, cleaning the air we breath with fresh oxygen, offering educational, economic and social opportunities in the Urban Core and more.

Hope all have a wonderful and sustainable Earth Day 2011.

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