Thursday, April 7, 2011

Green Roof Temperature Comparisons

Today we are adding a temperature comparison chart to the blog.  The presentation will evolve over the next couple weeks until we work out the bugs, improving the quality of the graphics to make them more readable, however the intent is to make available temperature comparison data of green roofs and their moderating effects on solar radiation.

The diagram below depicts some of the green roofs scattered across the MetroVerde nursery and urban farm.

Green Roof Temperature Monitoring Locations
We will also be posting the temperatures of the decking under non-green roofs, such as asphalt shingles for benchmarking.

Location D is a the decking under a south facing sloped asphalt shingle roof exposed to full sun during the day.  Location C is the decking under a 3" extensive vegetated roof, south facing as is D and exposed to full sun.  These two face the most brutal of solar gain conditions.

Other locations include F, a north facing sloped green roof, and G the underside of a 2" extensive green roof on the feed storage shed (flat roof and under partial shade).

The below temperatures were taken at random times.  We will implement a standard routine and include Celsius values soon.

At first glance it appears the decking temperatures under the green roof follow the outside air temperatures, moderated significantly from the temperatures shown on from the decking under the exposed asphalt shingles.  More data soon, and we will set up the temperature spreadsheet as a separate page on the blog here.

Temperature Comparisons, Green Roof v Asphalt Shingles

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