Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Florida Green Roofs, Biodiversity and A. carolinesis's fly

MetroVerde Florida Green Roof, Extensive, Rooftop Permaculture
Ever thought about helping save the planet's wildlife from extinction? Installing a green roof or living wall can help. Many species are dependent on the amount of greenery growing up above the ground for survival.

Species like the green Florida anole, Anolis carolinensis are being pushed towards extinction by newcomer lizard species to Florida, such as the Cuban anole, Anolis sagrei. However, the Cuban anole prefers lower, bushy plants and tree trunk areas for habitat while the Florida green anole likes taller greenery and vegetation.
Green Roof Biodiversity Anolis carolinesis's throat fan

So by adding what we call 'Volumetric Green' to your urban yard, you are providing the Florida green anole with a place to escape predators and live.

The photo sequence here starts with the recently constructed MetroVerde pea and tomato extensive food livign roof and shows the Florida anole resting on the palmetto frond siding attracting flies (and female anoles) with his 'dew lap' or 'throat fan'.
Green Roofs support integrated pest management

Green Roofs and Florida Anole

The fly, soon lands, the anole grabs and chews the fly and nature has just provided integrated pest management as a result of a green roof and volumetric green installation.

We have seen over and over how the addition of a small green roof can help increase the population of the green anoles, a species otherwise doomed to extinction in the asphalt and concrete jungle.  For a great website on this interesting species see the Discover Life website -   and for a great video of a green anole who loves riding wind turbines - click here.   

Installation of a green roof and living wall will not only offer the benefits of cleaning stormwater, providing habitat (saving a species) and creating beauty - when you install your MetroVerde green roof you are creating a permanent and effective method of Pest Control!  Anoles love to eat mosquitoes, termites and roaches!  Check out the you-tube video appropriately labeled "Crunch!"  

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Adam Waterford said...

The concept of green roofing is really amazing. The green roofing not only helps save mother nature, but it also benefits your home by providing clean, fresh air, a natural cooling system, and a garden for you to plant your herbs and vegetables into!